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Destruction Specialist Hornet and Wasp Nest in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes

You have discovered a nest in your home ?

hornet specialist destroy

D2N your professional specialist in the treatment of hornet and wasp nests in Var and Alpes-Maritimes

7 days a week, flexible hours depending on availability

Any type of nest: Hornet, Asian hornet, Wasps, Bees

• Capture of swarm of bees free (we are beekeeper)

New techniques for the destruction of high nests by insecticidal ball guns

• Use of ecological, natural and environmentally friendly products for humans

Advice to prevent the return of harmful

Contact us :

  • Do not interfere if you are not equipped with proper protective clothing.  
  • Remain at a distance, (observe from a distance without taking risks)  
  • Locate the nest (height, size, activity) in order to give the best information to the team before intervention.  
  • The approach or disturbance of a hornet, wasp or bee nest is likely to cause a grouped attack of several individuals seeking to defend the nest by trying to prick you at all costs

hornet specialist Wasp napper