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Destruction Specialist Hornet and Wasp Nest in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes

What to do in case of wasp wasp hornet bee?

What to do in case of Wasp, Hornet or Bee sting ?

If you have been bitten by one of these insects, check first if the dart is still present.

In the bee (unlike wasps and hornets) the dart tears from the abdomen to remain present on you with its pocket to venom.

Caution do not remove it with your fingers, as you can pinch the pocket and inject the rest of the venom. Use the non-sharp side of a knife, or a credit card eg, and slide parallel to the surface of the skin.

You should know that the venom is "Thermolabile", which means that it loses its effectiveness under the effect of heat.

So quickly approach a source of heat from the socket. Cigarette, hairdryer, embers, hot water. Be careful not to burn the stitched area.

If you have been bitten by a finger, quickly remove your rings!


Then apply a cold source (ice in a pocket) and clean the area with neutral soap and apply antiseptic.

The stitch will show a swelling and a red plaque for 24 to 48 hours. With more or less moderate pain.

To be checked in the following days if there is no superinfection, which is manifested by fever, pain and limb lymphangitis (red cord under the skin leaving the zone stitched, or called "fire Of St Antoine ")


Risks to your health:

 For the majority of individuals, a bite is not a particular danger. On the other hand several bites increase the risk of complications.



NEUROTOXIC SHOCK: It results from a large amount of sting and therefore a large amount of venom in your body. (To be assessed by age, weight and origin of the venom)



10 to 30 minutes after the sting, there may be generalized urticaria, malaise, facial edema (angioedema), respiratory gene, even anaphylactic shock, with a drop in tension and sometimes fatal syncope!


In this case, lengthen the person, raise your legs and call the emergencies (18, 112 or 15)


Remove the dart


Heat on the sting

fresh and ice




Lymphangite piqure gue pe


Allergique piqure

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